Lowering the Standards

As most of my 14 readers know, I host SaaM out of my own house. I use my broadband connection (Road Runner) which is limited in upload speed. I am anxious for fiber to get put in but it appears that while they've laid the actual fiber lines through the neighborhood, that's all they've done.

For reasons I've not been able to track down, my overall bandwidth has simply disappeared over the past few days, both up and down. You may notice some slowdowns with the site, and I apologize for that, but there's not much I can do at this point except try to find another Internet provider. For me, the up speed is more important as I do as much upload as download.

Enter Rapid Systems.

Rapid Systems has a service called RSAir, which is over-the-air based connections. 2 years ago they had 1M up and down at a good price and I tried to get the service (this was when RR was barely a meg down and 256k up). They didn't have a tower around where I live so I had to wait. Well, now I checked back with them because RR has 5 M down, 256k up and I wanted to see if they (a) were in my area and (b) what they did to remain competitive. Turns out they lowered their bandwidth. 1M down, 128k up or 1.5M down, 256k up. Not a great deal at all.

Oh well.... Guess I could always start my own ISP if I don't like what's out there.

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