How to make a secure password

I was browsing Frank J. and he had a link to a story about Social Engineering and how it was used to steal $4000 worth of goods while having the store actually help you take it.

I deal with security at work all the time, and it doesn't matter how big the steel door is, how many safety devices, eye scans, etc. there are, if someone can con you into opening the vault for them, you might as well have made it out of paper.

One of the biggest weaknesses in computer security is weak passwords. When a hacker attempts to gain entry, an easy thing to try is blank passwords. If that fails, a brute force attempt at using known words in a dictionary is usually successful. You can protect yourself by making your password so complex that it's practically impossible to guess. The problem most people have with passwords is trying to remember them. Here's my system for creating impossible to crack passwords that are easy to remember.

One of my old passwords was Idahg95JW which, as far as a computer or a human goes, is a random string of characters. But for me, it meant I drive a hunter green 95 Jeep Wrangler. The sentence is easy for me to remember because it has something to do with me. The combination of uppercase, lowercase and numbers along with the apparent randomness makes it damn near impossible to break. Some of my other passwords have contained punctuation as well.

I assure you, this system is easy to learn and makes your passwords easy to remember. Just think of a phrase from your favorite movie, a line from a poem you enjoy, or personal information about yourself, and you'll have a password that no one can touch!

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