Up, Damn You, UP!!!

Buddy of mine got an email today from Road Runner saying they've increased the download speeds to 5Mb. Whooptie-fu%&in'-doo. While it makes for nice video and quicker porn educational surfing, what I crave is upload speed.

And for that I'm lovingly choked at 256Kb.

I run SaaM out of my house. I also use Vonage for my phone line. And because I do a lot of web work I usually keep an RDP session open to my computer so I can check how certain things look from the outside world (plus it allows me to read my home email privately). So I use quite a large chunk of upload bandwidth.

I would gladly sacrifice a little download bandwidth to increase my upload speeds. While 5Mb is nice, it ain't Japan where I hear 30Mb is the standard. But even then I think most other connections I make don't have 5Mb upload speeds so it's not as useful as it sounds unless your downloading multiple movies about naked midget porn involving several specimens from the San Diego Zoo how to assist in charity fund raisers.

And Verizon still hasn't committed to connecting the fiber in my 'hood.


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