Welcome to Ansible 2.0–Owen

Notice something different?

It’s the new blog. Even has that new blog smell (careful, it’s considered carcinogenic in California). Welcome to Ansible 2.0 code named Owen. I had considered changing the title, but Sharp as a Marble ended up sticking around.

This is a full release, not a beta or anything. I have worked hard to ensure that the new blog runs on the vast majority of browsers that Google Analytics says I get here, but there are a few I don’t have access to on OS’s I don’t run, so you guys are all my Guinea pigs. If you have *any* issues, please let me know via the contact page or in the comments here.

“So Robb, what’s new with this Ansible thing?”

I’m glad you asked. Primarily there were 2 goals for Ansible 2.0. One was to update the underlying technologies such as moving to Microsoft MVC instead of Web forms and Entity Framework instead of the classic data access methodologies. I do this to keep my skills up to date and I had been falling behind on a few things like MVC / Razor, REST, and jQuery.

The second goal was a new look and feel. I loved my old skin and it has served me well for many, many years, but it was time to update it a bit and clean up the UI. I hope that you find it enjoyable and just as visually appealing as the old one and even easier to get around.

Behind the scenes, there are a bunch of new things that make running the blog easier. I can now moderate comments and pingbacks either completely or based on rules. I’m taking off the CAPTCHA for now to see how well the system handles it.

Removing spam and whatnot can now be done inline – no more heading off to an admin page to try to get it all sorted out. I can even kill stuff from my email notification.

“Great, but what’s in it for us, your readers?”

Good question. Unfortunately, the quality of my postings will not be affected by this change so you’re going to be stuck with the same old dregs I spew out from time to time. However, there are a *few* items you might like for now.

  • RSS now has comments.
  • You can reserve your user name by registering. Exciting shit, I know!
  • Commenting is JavaScript enabled (yet should function with scripting turned off)
  • You can easily Facebook or Tweet a post now.
  • The design has been decluttered. Archives and Blogroll have been moved to their own pages.
  • You can scroll through older posts now from the home page. No more having to dig through the archives if you are trying to catch back up.

So, as you can see, I didn’t really put a lot of effort into making it better for you. At least not yet.

Future Plans

The next release, “Julie”, should have a few more niceties for you all. Editable comments are planned as is trying to tie in to other authentication systems so  you don’t have to have yet another account here. Also, I will be specifically targeting mobile rather than what I’m doing now which is simply trying to make it mobile friendly.

Julie will also contain some heavier management tools that aren’t required to run, but will be nice as well as some logging functionality that will help me pinpoint errors or performance issues.

Between Owen and Julie, I’ll be making service releases to catch and defects or fix any performance issues that slow down the experience. If you notice anything, please let me know and don’t forget to tell me your OS and browser version so I can test fixes.

Welcome, and enjoy!

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