Watch what you say

So one feature I’ve pondered is a time-limited window for a commenter to be able to edit their most recent comment. Shall Not Be Questioned has this feature and yes, it is handy for typos or bad links.

It’s also good for epic trolling if you did it right. You could drop some major flame-bait, have a response, then go back and edit it to how you like puppies and wish you could find a cure for cancer, making anyone who replies look like an utter dick. I doubt this is a common thing and my blog isn’t so heavily trafficked that a short time frame would really matter, but there are other, logistical issues.

For one, as soon as you hit “Fire Away” the system queues up an email to all subscribers. So you may let loose with a profanity laced diatribe, realize it wasn’t called for, edit it, and people would see the first email. The delay you see would be client side (i.e. your browser and a little javascript) and while the server could manage the time so you couldn’t disable scripting and come back 3 hours later, it’d only be by comparing the original submission time with the latest. The server only ‘operates’ when someone actively is connected to it.

I don’t really want a background process to have to run for this software, and I’m loathe to put triggers on requests. Sure, I can thread them out and not slow down the site user, but it *is* possible that there are minutes between requests, and I don’t want things piling up.

I could have updates be moderated so that the old comment stays until I get notified and approve the changes, but that’s a lot of work for me and I’m f***ing lazy. And the delay could be hours although I tend to go into email withdrawal if I don’t check them every 7 to 8 seconds. This is why I have a hard time falling asleep some times.

Seems like a shitload of work for me for little gain, but it would be handy to be able to correct mistakes.

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