That I can be surprised by modern technology is surprising

Found my effects system for my guitar. Picked up one of these last night, a Zoom G3

Zoom G3

All I was looking for was something that had chorus, delay, reverb, and some distortions as well as a headphone jack. This puppy has like 100 different ‘pedals’ plus amp simulations plus looping plus a built in tuner plus a simple drum machine for a metronome. Much more than I was looking for, but it seems technology has infiltrated the music industry the same way it has practically every other facet of our lives.

This thing plugs into your computer via USB (no more MIDI cables!). The software for it then kicks open, showing you exactly what’s on the screens. You can adjust everything via the PC or the unit in real time, watching the changes take effect on the other. Need to update the firmware? Just click Next > Next > OK > Finish.

Everything inside is code. Unlike my old stompboxes, if they find a better algorithm for doing chorus or realize they should add in a specific effect, it can be downloaded and upgraded.

Only ran me $180 too. If I may indulge in a tangent, the price tag was $199. I opened my wallet, pulled out 4 $50 bills and said “I have exactly $200” to which was replied “Well, I can do a 10% discount!”. Cash has that effect on sales people, more than a debit card can do.

I’m amazed at how awesome technology can bring down prices while delivering more product. For those not wanting a hardware solution, apps are available for your smart phones that do most of the same thing (although stomping on your phone probably isn’t the best idea).

When I hit the big time, I’ll remember you people. I promise.

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