I have some precious metals I’d gladly give them

At a thousand plus feet per second

It’s not just resources that are limited, in the WWF’s view: human potential itself is up against a hard limit beyond which the race cannot ever advance. Even progress thus far, as seen in the wealthy nations, has been achieved only by an unfair and wasteful over-use of precious resources: we rich Westerners are already beyond the practical limits that humans should ever aspire to achieve in terms of health, wealth – and even of education.

My religion offers salvation, theirs offers starvation. And they know this. And they want this. Not for themselves, mind you – they’ll be rationalizing away on how they require a better standard of living so as to ensure you do not. They would prefer (other) humans die off en masse so that… uh… metal can stay in the ground?

Pure, natural economics will provide this ‘hard limit’ they talk about. If we actually somehow managed to dig up all the metal in the Earth and jettison it toward the sun (that’s the only way we could run out, ladies and gents), then humans would find it harder and harder to survive, eventually becoming self limiting.

They want to accelerate that prematurely. My answer is to accelerate some copper and lead toward them.

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