Now I’m just cheating

Part of the whole ‘picking back up the guitar’ thing I’m doing is ensuring I can sight read music. I learned how to read music when I played saxophone in school, but never figured it out for guitar. This means a lot of Mary Had a Little Lamb and Minuets in {Some Key} as I train my fingers to hit the right frets when I see the dot on the line / space.

Dropping below the staff gives me a bit of a pause. Granted I’ve only been doing it a few days, for some reason I still have to ‘count’ the lines and figure out the notes. The lessons in the book aren’t as helpful because the songs tend to the middle of the staff and the exercises focus on one string at a time so I did what any good developer would do – I wrote a quick app to test myself


See a note, click on the letter, get new note. As I progress, I’ll put in sharps and flats (holding shift turns into sharps, control turns the buttons to flats). Once I figure out why I don’t see my DirectX SDK, I’ll also have a variable timed mode where a note shows and after a second delay, play the tone so I can practice hitting the notes on the guitar as well.

Neat thing happened last night while practicing though – I ran through a scale as fast as I could pick, and did it automatically. Yes, it was just a C scale, but the fact that 2 weeks into it and I’m already developing muscle memory is exciting.

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