I like to keep the Halon and the actual extinguisher separate as well

A question was posed on one of the Facebooks asking if people carried their pistols with one in the chamber. To this day, I cannot fathom why anyone would want to carry an unloaded pistol. The increase in safety against an ND/AD is far, far, far outweighed by the danger you put yourself in by not being able to deploy your weapon when needed.

Not only is there no guarantee that you will have both hands available, it’s a high probability you’re going to need your offhand to be doing something else while attempting to draw your firearm. When you’re using your offhand to protect yourself from the knife your attacker is wielding, how will you convince your pistol to chamber a round?

Today’s modern pistols are safe to carry loaded. Striker blocks, grip safeties, tabs, buttons, magazine disconnects – it’s actually a miracle the damned things can be made to fire. I rarely make sweeping judgments about people’s choices, but not carrying one in the chamber is a dumb idea, one that could have lethal consequences.

Now, I know there are older pistols that aren’t as trustworthy and to that I say get another gun. Any gun that you cannot carry with a loaded chamber is one you do not need to use for self-defense. Period. Full Stop.

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