Anent Zimmerman / Martin

I am sick and tired of this whole affair. Many people seem to have the right idea, Tam summarizing it up quite well

  1. Zimmerman was out doing his neighborhood watch thing and saw Martin.
  2. He called 911 and followed Martin in his vehicle.
  3. When Martin walked someplace that Zimmerman couldn't follow in his vehicle, he got out of his vehicle and followed on foot.
  4. ???
  5. In the process of getting his ass beaten, Zimmerman busts a cap in Martin.

The entire case turns on what happened in the ???, but don't tell that to the media, the folks playing poker with a deck full of race cards, the victim disarmament crowd, or apparently the frickin' President of the United States of America.

As Marko said on Facebook 

Ah, fuck it. Let's just replace our overly complex legal system with a public opinion court. "Text 'Innocent' or 'Guilty' to #8008! (Messaging rates may apply.)

Sad, because that seems to be what’s going on here. I chime in and say “We’re not clear on step 4:??? which is where the whole affair hinges on” and I’m shouted down that I’m defending Zimmerman (and thus must be a racist). Speaking of racism, if you are a person with a darker pigmented dermis and have to base your entire worldview on some made up ‘fact’ that everyone is racist regardless if they want to be or not, you’re an idiot. Just saying. I mean, I’m glad you’re psychic and can read my mind better than I can, but fuck off ok? I don’t care what color your skin is. I have personal feelings about cultures and you’re more than welcome to debate me on that, but skin color? Get a life.

To my fellow Floridians. Are you scared what this affair will do to our rights? Don’t bitch to me in my comments, go bitch to your representatives. They don’t read my blog (unless I mention their name and then, just that post), they’re not on your Facebook page, they don’t follow you on Twitter. The same amount of effort you put into those things could be applied to an email or a phone call to their offices to let them know to not go near Stand Your Ground with a 10’ pole.

To the rest of the gunnies – You’ve prepared yourself mentally to defend your life. You’ve trained to be situationally aware. You’re more than willing to run when you can and would only use your gun as a last resort. Great. Are you prepared to be Zimmermaned? Granted, Zimmerman seemed to cause his problems and could have easily avoided the entire thing (this does not mean he’s guilty of a crime, but he is guilty of creating an unnecessary situation) but you don’t get to pick and choose when you get to defend yourself. If you successfully defend your life, you will be alive, but are you ready to have your life consumed like this? It could happen.

Oh, and I’ve seen some people claim that because there’s a bounty out on him, the Popo could simply arrest him and keep him safe in jail. To them, I say “Arrest him for what?” The cops didn’t charge him because one, they had no reason to believe he hunted down and killed Martin from what data they could gather at the scene. This doesn’t mean they cannot pursue details and then charge Zimmerman later when they have a good case against him. You see, the second he is charged and arrested, that whole “speedy trial” clock starts ticking. If they arrest him without good evidence, then the cops are in a rush against time to get anything. How do you think that works out in the end?

Allowing cops to arrest when they have no evidence a crime has been committed puts you and me in clear danger. Not just you and me, but if you think cops are unfair on blacks, just wait until they can arrest them for thinking they committed a crime vs. having to show evidence of such.

And with that, I’m done here. Until I get more details, there’s nothing else I can say about this case. Two people know exactly what happened and one is dead and the other has surely realized that even a non-committal grunt to the public would be used against him. This is a media circus driven by several groups with agendas who care not one whit about facts and true justice, something that probably never will happen now.

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