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Cocoa Fl – There’s no denying that the market for concealable pistols has been hotter than ever, but the move toward smaller and smaller pistols meant consumers had to trade in power for size. Kel-Tec, the American leader in underpowered, tiny pistols has solved this issue by packing more gun into their guns.

Introduced at the 2012 Weapons Trade Forum (WTF), Kel-Tec was proud to announce the upcoming P333AT

Kel-Tec P33AT

“After the IWA show in Nuremburg, Germany, we realized there was a high demand for multi-barreled pistols like the Arsenal Second Century 2011,” said Clarence Koalapee, PR Spokesperson for Kel-Tec. “George was looking at the monstrosity and was like ‘Hell, if they can do two, why can’t we do three?’ We came back to the states, got right down to work on a prototype. It’s a little rough around the edges, which means it’s practically ready for production!”

The P333AT (pronounced Pee-THHHHHRRRREEEEEEE-Ay-Tee) delivers a stunning amount of firepower, launching three 90 grain projectiles at a time in roughly the same direction. “The .380 isn’t known as a one shot stopper, “ continued Koalapee, “but three of the SOB’s are bound to really piss someone off.” With the regular P3AT being diminutive in size, Kel-Tec didn’t seem overly concerned with the major increase in size. “We’re adding, what? 6 more ounces? Damned thing will still fit inside a front pocket.”

When asked about the potential issues behind firing three cartridges at the same time, Kel-Tec responded that they felt the P333AT would be just as reliable as any other gun they’ve put on the market, three rounds at a time or not.

Kel-Tec CEO George Kellgren was quoted as saying “Let them [censored] over at Ruger copy this mother [censored].” Ruger responded by announcing a recall of its soon to be produced LCPPP.

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