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Those who know me know that I am a utilitarian person by nature, especially when it comes to guns. I don’t all misty eyed and nostalgic for classic 1911’s and wheel guns and I’m the last person you want to own something of historic nature. Because Imma gonna shoot the damned thing.

That isn’t to say I don’t have… yearnings. I think we all do. However, my frugalness (read – broke ass) generally prevents me from spending money on things that would be more  akin to toys than real gear.

But what if it didn’t? What 5 firearms would I purchase, should price nor practicality be an issue?

#5 – Smith & Wesson Model 500

I’m a recoil junkie, and the thought of launching a half in projectile from a handgun makes me all tingly where my pants would be if I wore them.

#4 – A Tactilite 50BMG upper

Speaking of halves of inches, nothing quite ‘reaches out and touches someone’ than 14,000 ft. lb. of energy travelling at 2,800 feet per second. My shoulder aches at the thought, but it’s aches of joy.

#3 – Gyrojet

Three words. Rocket. Propelled. Bullets.

#2 – Coonan .357 Magnum

My lust for a Deagle in .357 Magnum was replaced when I discovered the Coonan. I have a soft spot in my heart for .357 Magnum (technically speaking, my heart is soft enough so that any round would damage it) and this is my fantasy list, so I don’t have to justify myself to you Mr. Whydon’tyougeta38superinstead.

#1 – Last and certainly not least, the KRISS VECTOR

I love the way the rifle looks. It’s rare to get me to enjoy something aesthetically like the Kriss does. Plus, I could actually use it. I think it would make a swell home defense weapon. .45 ACP is a perfectly valid Goblin-stopper, the short length makes it good for close quarters (which my house is), the recoil system, while better suited for full auto, would help accuracy, and I could put a red dot and a can on it for safer operation.

What about you? What 5 guns do you lust after?

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