If you look closely, you can watch snails zoom by

This Sunday I shot USPSA and was able to film all my stages using my new Epic HD POV cam I picked up from OpticsPlanet.net (review coming shortly). Using a head mounted camera, I can watch my shooting and try to pick up on anything that might help me improve as well as provide my readers an endless font of entertainment.

First, the video

And the standings. I came in 28th out of 42 and for my 3rd outing (only 2nd being scored), I’m pretty happy with that. I would have probably done a bit better had I not had a catastrophic magazine failure in stage 3, but that’s the way life is.

Things I gathered from watching myself shoot

  1. Accuracy was pretty darned good. I had 0 No-Shoots and all my shots on paper landed on paper.
  2. No penalties. Well… technically there was a misunderstanding with the classifier so the whole thing would have been a penalty, but there was confusion on which hand had to go first. Looks like I was backwards.
  3. I’ve developed a bit of a flinch. I marked it in the video once, but I see it happen two other times as well. More on this later.
  4. Accuracy was good, but speed was low. For now, I’m ok with that. I’m really trying to ensure I’m coming back on target before pulling the trigger. I don’t want to get into ‘metronome shooting’ where I pull the trigger because it’s time to. As I continue on, my speed will naturally increase, it’s just important I don’t push it.

Sure, I’ll need to work on other crazy things like footwork and fancier / faster reloads, but those are things you worry about when you’re gun handling is perfect and you simply need to shave off milliseconds – I’m trying to shave off hours.

Overall I am very happy with my performance. I can do better and hopefully these videos will help me target (get it? Target! I kill me!) the lowest hanging fruit first. And of course, my readers can feel free to pummel me with insults and advice.

Next month’s match is canceled due to the holidays, so I’m probably going to run IDPA instead for the first time. I’m sure there will be penalties abound then ;)

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