Not much use installing an extra set of doors on the barn

When those horses have already run away.

Sebastian discusses a question from an anti-gunner on private sales. I respect that a lot of gunnies don’t want their  guns to end up in the hands of criminals, but I take exception to the whole “I won’t sell to anyone I don’t know personally” thing because it plays into the anti’s hands for no gain.

Look, the problem isn’t selling a gun to a stranger any more than selling a set of knives at a yard sale is. You have no clue that the nice lady offering you 76¢ for the old set of Wüsthof is planning on using them to slice & dice her rich husband, do you? Does the guy manning the convenience store have any clue if the young man filling up a gasoline can is going to use the liquid to fuel his lawnmower or to pour over the family he has tied up in his trailer? I cannot possibly find the time to inspect the minute details of everyone’s lives who I wish to do business with, nor is it healthy for any society to automatically assume every person they interact with is guilty of some sort of crime until we can prove their innocence.

When you say you will only sell to ‘known people’ is to tacitly admit that you believe everyone else is untrustworthy.

Which is it? Are people in general to be trusted with guns or not?

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