This is the end game we’ve been warning you about

I’ve been saying all along, Fast & Furious was nothing more than an attempt to implement gun control based on cooked up numbers and manufactured crises. The gun banners and gov’t officials understood that there was no data to support their desire to ban weapons so they made it up out of whole cloth. Where there wasn’t blood in the streets, the government forced gun dealers to sell firearms to people they knew who’d cause a flood.

Now, caught in the act, all they can do is try to push forward with their plans and hope people forgot about the man behind the curtain

Holder then went on to say that the reason the ATF was unable to prevent the weapons from being sold to the cartels was a lack of gun control and registration.

“ATF witnesses testified before the House Committee on Oversight and Government Reform that the agency’s ability to stem the flow of guns from the United States into Mexico is severely impaired by a lack of effective law enforcement tools.”

“For example, a number of witnesses indicated that current penalties for illegal straw purchases are inadequate to deter such activity or to include cooperation with law enforcement authorities after a violation is detected. Likewise, the lack of reporting requirements for multiple long gun purchases in a short period of time hindered law enforcement efforts to combat gun trafficking.”

Never mind that they were caught red handed forcing dealers to sell arms to criminals. Never mind the fact that they had nothing in place to trace these weapons once they were sold. Try to ignore the fact that this charade resulted in supplying the weapons that were used in the deaths of Americans and countless Mexicans. Holder is trying to say that the only reason they had to break the law was because the laws weren’t strong enough to deter others from breaking them.

This is the end game. This is what they are going to try to do. Sadly, there are enough willfully blind people in this country who hate guns with such irrational passion that they are willing to ignore the deaths and lies to get their way.

So much for Obama working his gun control ‘under the radar’. The problem is, will enough people pay attention to stop them?

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