Well, that could have been better

First string, buzzer goes off, IQ drops the prerequisite 20 points and the gun comes out. Nice, smooth draw, two A shots, followed by another 2 A’s. Third target, 2 A’s, 4th 1B one miss (hit in the black). Ran toward target #5, round a wall and see two targets behind me. Shoot the first one and immediately hear STOP from the RO while instantly realizing my day is over.

Broke the $#&*ing 180° rule which is  Disqualification. Guy before me did the exact same thing.

It would have been nice if the RO had brought that up. It would have also been nice if the course had a wall there to prevent seeing targets you can’t shoot. But what would have really been nice is if I had paid $#&*ing attention to my surroundings.

Nobody to blame for this except myself. Doesn’t matter about the layout or the RO or the cold medicine or the alignment of Sagittarius with the moon. The blame lies solely at my feet. The 180° rule is for the safety of others and when you put others at risk, they kick your ass out for the day as they should. There was no whining, no “but but but”s no anything. I just packed up and left.

The Match Coordinator was gentlemanly enough to refund my shooting fee. He didn’t have to, and it didn’t really remove the sting of embarrassment I felt or the anger at myself for doing something so $#&*(ing stupid, but it did remind me these people are genuinely nice and aren’t throwing you out to be dicks about it.

I have a feeling I won’t be making this mistake for a long, long time. Bound to happen again (being DQ’d) at some time, so the best I can do is not get too down on myself and learn from the experience. I’m depressed because I had looked forward to this with such gusto, then bork it up on the very first string.

C’est la vie.

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