So, I assume this means I should always have a shotgun handy?

On the way to the wallet raping facility auto mechanic’s this morning, I had just turned out of my neighborhood when the largest dog I had ever seen in my life crossed the road. Had to be 400 pounds, easily.

That’s when I realized it wasn’t a dog, but a hog. Folks, I don’t live in the boonies. There’s a small wooded area behind a private school and not much of an area at that


That's where the beast came out.

And yet there was a massive walking mound of pre-bacon just crossing the street. Since I was dropping off my car and using the return trip as an excuse for my morning run, I had my phone strapped to my shoulder and no armament to speak of, so there was nothing I could do. Even if I did have a shottie on me, I’d have needed permission to go on those people’s land.

I wonder if that thing was a pet or open to being hunted down? Wild boar are a pest around Florida, I just have never seen one in such a populated area like my neighborhood.

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