This is what I would call a good start

TSA agent molests a blogger. Blogger LOUDLY calls her out. TSA Agent Thedala Magee sues for

These outbursts in public and writings on the internet have subject my client to hatred, contempt, ridicule, or obloquy, and have injured her in her reputation and her occupation.

No person working for the TSA will ever get a kind word form me. No TSA agent will ever be allowed to pass the threshold of my house. I want these jackbooted, blue-gloved thugs of society shamed to the point where they’re afraid to show up to work. I want them to fear for their wellbeing. I want the job of brutalizing the elderly, the infirm, the young, and the definitely not Muslim looking people to be with risk so great, nobody wants to do the job.

It’s time to fight back against these perverts. If shaming them works, then let’s use this to our advantage.

Hat Tip WizardPC

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