Kind of hard to round up people into the box cars when they can shoot your ass

Seems to be a common, lefty view. Anyone who doesn’t believe exactly as you do should be rounded up and ‘reeducated’

Many times I’ve riffed on a dark, delicious fantasy about rounding up Tea Bagger types and sentencing them to green re-education camps for minimum one-year terms.

Now, maybe it’s selection bias, but the right leaning web sites that tend to call for similar things are considered kooky by even the right leaning folks. For the left, this seems to be a common thread. Notice how anyone who posts a differing view is shouted down. Notice how anyone who doesn’t toe the line is automatically labeled a terrorist, suicide bomber, baby-killer, etc. It’s part of the dehumanization that’s required for these people to get their jollies off of during their fantasy of killing off vast swaths of the populace. And killing is what they have in mind when they say things like this

A second Civil War would be an incredibly destructive thing, but it would feel so good.

Go ahead buttercup. I don’t think you’ve thought your cunning plan all the way through. I have a safe full of pistols, rifles, a shotgun, and lots and lots of ammo and I’m proficient in each one of them. And compared to others, I’m a piker. While you’re fantasizing about genocide, we’re simply preparing for self defense. Are you proud of that?

Hat Tip Say Uncle

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