Geeky Drinking Game Idea

I have this silly idea for a Internet based drinking game. Although it's not 100% complete, it basically goes like this.

You get 3 or more people. Like any drinking game, the more the better. Everyone gets 2 playing cards - One Red, one Black.

Someone starts the game by coming up with some off the wall domain name like Everyone else lays out a card (face down) to indicate if they think there is a site there or not (red indicates no, black yes). Someone checks, and if a real website (no parked domains or redirects to V!@gr.a sites) is there, then everyone who voted against it has to drink (and vice versa - if the site doesn't exist, those who thought it did drink).

If everyone agrees that the site doesn't or does exist, the caller has to drink twice. This is to prevent someone from picking something too easy like or

Too bad I'm too old to try it out.

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