While we didn’t get the Open Carry laws we wanted this time around, the strengthening of preemption was big. How big? This big

Stuart commissioners agreed to erase the word firearms from all its ordinances, on first reading Monday, to avoid conflicting with a new state law sponsored by state Sen. Joe Negron, R-Stuart, and pushed by the National Rifle Association.

City officials had initially said they didn't believe any local changes were needed to meet the new law that sets fines for county and local governments that try to create gun ordinances stricter than state law.

However, City Manager Paul Nicoletti said there is too much risk as fines for violating the new law can reach $5,000 per official. Officials also face the potential of being removed from office.

On their own. Because it used to be there was no penalty for them violating the rights of the citizenry. Now there is and it’s scaring some of them. Take for example this shmuck who’s whining about having to follow the law and repeal illegal laws on guns and hunting in Leon county

"If you don't do these things you can be sued, have ordinances invalidated by the state, each of us would be fined $5,000," Thiele added. "I'm not allowed to defend you, no public funds can be used, it is grounds for removal from office by the governor. It is the most all-encompassing set of penalties I've seen. It's a political death penalty."

Cry me a river, little man. It’s about time the people in the government realize they work for us and that they are bound to the law just as tightly as we are.

Laws aren’t just for the little people. If the government cannot be constrained by laws, then the government is invalid. Period. If I violate laws, I run the risk of fines and jail time. Just because you work in a government building doesn’t shield you from that.

Now, these are a few instances of voluntary action. Sadly, Florida Carry has been told by other counties that they’re not going to follow HB45 and that if it bothered us, we could sue them. Like I mentioned in a post a week ago, if you want to see things changed, you have to be the one to do it. Florida Carry benefits from your membership dues, but we need our members out there, contacting their representatives at the county and city level, putting the pressure on them to do what’s right. There are going to be a few battles ahead and we can do nothing without your support, both in membership dues and your physical presence.

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