Hard work pays off

With the passage of a strengthened preemption law, counties in Florida are pulling laws off the books

County Attorney Sandy Minkoff advised commissioners to yank that rule, saying it clashed with a new state law that forbids local governments from enforcing any ordinance aiming to regulate possession or use of a firearm. "If we put a [gun] prohibition in here and attempt to enforce it, then we'd be in violation," Minkoff said.

You see, they’ve known they’ve been in violation for years. They even knew that they couldn’t enforce it. What they could do was harass and arrest gun owners, charge them with a crime knowing damn well it wouldn’t stick, and attempt to bully us because they knew there were no repercussions to their actions. Now, there are. They can be hit with a fine and those who put the law into place can be charged with a crime. Oh, and they have to pay the legal costs for the defendant.

Now that their pocketbooks and their own asses are on the line, look for more and more of these laws to magically disappear.

However, there will be some areas that will dig in, and Florida Carry needs your support

Florida Carry Legal Action Fund 2/3 of all Florida counties and countless municipalities have laws and regs that violate your right to bear arms. Preemption is enforceable on Oct 1st and we will need the money to fight in court.

Hopefully most of the counties drop this on their own, but we need to fight this tooth and nail. If you can help, please do.

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