Technology makes the humor so much easier

So, on my Android running Froyo, I can reject a phone call and send the caller a text message at the same time. This is a nice touch so I can tell them I know they called but couldn’t answer because of Reason X.

The phone comes with 5 slots you can use, but the vanilla responses of “In a meeting, please call back” and “In Class” were just boring. So, I edited them a bit. Now callers will be informed that

I am on the can and desperately searching for toilet paper. Can’t touch the phone to answer


Can’t answer the phone right now. I’m hiding from clowns and don’t want to give away my position. They have pies


I’d answer the phone but I’m in confessional right now. This could take a while as I’m not even Catholic, so call back later.


I’m glad you called because I’ve been meaning to ignore you for a while now. Thanks for trying!

Now if I could just get people to call me.

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