Just in case you need a little help

My name is Robb Allen. Robb is short for Robert, by the way (the extra B comes from when I switched from Robbie). I live in the Tampa area and about .03 seconds worth of searching and you can probably get my address, phone number, etc.

I’ve been blogging under my real name since I started, and have owned robballen.com since ‘96 IIRC.

So, to the anti-gun bigots out there that are getting their jollies off revealing the names of gun bloggers (most of which have already revealed their names anyway), you can ‘out’ me all you want. You’re probably not smart enough to do it though.

As for my views on it, I think it’s a dick move and shows a level of childishness. However, you’re not anonymous. Period. If you’re on the Interweb Tubes and you think you can forever hide behind a nickname, I’ve got bad news for you. If you don’t want your identity revealed, then don’t blog and especially don’t blog about contentious topics. Chances are, you’re not important enough to warrant someone going after you, but as recent postings show, that’s not always the case. Get under someone’s skin enough and they will try it.

Me? You know who I am. You know where to find me.

I’m Robb Allen, and I approve this message.

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