Last day of Funemployment

Tomorrow, I start the new job. I was supposed to start last week, but a paperwork issue caused the date to be pushed back.

Let me explain my situation.

I’m doing a 6 month contract that will then roll permanent with Company A (I avoid talking about my workplace on my blog as to not cause their name to be associated with this blog which they may or may not approve of, not that I’m embarrassed about my blog or anything). During the 6 months, I’ll be a contractor for Recruiting Firm B. Company A has a contract at Company C where I’ll be physically working. So, I’ll be getting paid by B, while working at C as a resource from A. Subcontracting is confusing as heck.

Anyway, Company C only brings in contractors on Tuesdays. They also only have 1 person to do all the paperwork, and mine simply hadn’t gotten through (Company C is a large firm, by the way). Now, Company A really, really, really wants me to start – the position is fully funded, they have the money, and they want me to work for them, but they can’t do anything until Company C is ready. So, Company A and Recruiting Firm B both told Company C that if they’ll just pay me my rate directly, both A & B will forgo their cut for the time being to just get me going.

Which is awesome.

So tomorrow I’ll begin a new job. One I’m a bit nervous on because I will be working with MVPs, meaning I’ll be the dumbest guy in the room for a change. For my past 3 jobs, I’ve always been the go-to guy for new technologies and whatnot, but now I’ll be working with people who Microsoft goes to for help ;)

As it is, blogging will of course be spotty like it’s been for the past month or so. I have absolutely no plans to back off the content of this blog because I still strongly believe in the Second Amendment and my activism should continue on. I can easily separate my professional life from my personal, but I have to illustrate that to my employer as well.

Wish me luck!

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