Well, I was wrong on that one too

I never was a Birther. I’ve always said Obama was a natural born citizen. My most popular post ever was poking fun at the birthers in the same way we poked fun at the TANG issue that people built their lives on trying to crush Bush.

I was under the assumption that something on his certificate was hinky, like his father or mother weren’t who they said he were or that a birth certificate proved he wasn’t really the product of an immaculate conception. I couldn’t really imagine what it would be, but I figured something was embarrassing to the One.

Turns out to be nothing at all. Stupid of him to a) hold it for so long and b) release it at a time when there’s no real political gain. He could have played up the birthers for the chumps they were for a lot longer and killed the whole thing right before elections or something.

Like Tam says at her link, the hardcore birthers aren’t going to be swayed by such silly things like ‘proof’. Just like Bush Derangement Syndrome, hatred can twist your mind so strong that nothing can sway you from your opinion, even facts. There will be claims of “Photoshopping” or “Fire cannot melt ink” or some crap like that.

Personally, I’m more concerned with Obama’s ability to run the office than his eligibility. And that, to me, is beyond proven to be next to nil.

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