Well, that was unpleasant

Looks like I would have gotten more mileage out of bricking my phone.

Here’s the thing. I got a message from AT&T informing me that Froyo was released for my Samsung Galaxy S Captivate. Hitting the link provided, Samsung had no clue what I was talking about. Looked around and found this ROM to install. After a rocky start, I finally got it up and running.

About as stable as XP without a service pack.

After the 4th random crash (and heaven forbid you tried to watch a video because that was the last thing you were going to do with the phone), I looked for another distro. Tried using Odin 1.3 to install it, and had various successes with the word success meaning absolute failure.

I finally figured out how to revert to 2.1 Éclair, however now my SIM card is locked and I cannot actually use it as a phone.

At this point, I’m walking back to the AT&T store and hoping they can just reset the card. Otherwise, due to budget constraints, I will have no cell phone for a few months (although I will have a bill!).

Learns me right, I guess.

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