A face for radio

And yet they still put me on TV

From ABC Action News

All in all, not a bad performance on my part although you see me shoot more than I speak. The shooting was interesting because I didn't think that was going to be part of the interview and only had 15+1 rounds on me, so I had to take my time. The reporter did a pretty good job editing it to make me look like I was shooting a bit more than I was (Yes, I shot high because I was only out at 7 yards).

News being news, my 15 minutes of standing in front of a camera was boiled down to 3 sound bites, but at least they were decent ones. Of course, I wish more of what I said was in there, but that's why I have my blog and don't run my own cable channel devoted entirely to me talking. As someone in the trenches, I see more support for Open Carry than the segment portrayed. Remember when they were trying to find anyone in the local police department to argue against open carry and they couldn’t find someone? And for 47% opposing, more and more states are going Constitutional Carry, which indicates the opposition is over counted.

I love the fact that the Brady Spokesperson was reduced to being on a web cam. A low bandwidth video in your bedroom just doesn’t speak highly for your side’s enthusiasm, does it? There’s just no ‘impact’ to filming anti-gun people like there is someone enjoying shooting.

I have a gun and as they say, I know how to use it ;)

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