A gun buyback program I can really get behind

Austinites Outbid Police in Gun Buyback Counter-Program

Today in Austin TX – Activists were successful in buying TRUNKS full of usable firearms that would have otherwise been destroyed (or ended up in the hands of “terrorists” – as we have seen before how cops confiscate guns and resell them to cartels…)

About 40 gun buyers, both independent and otherwise, stood in front of the Austin Police Gun Buyback Event offering CASH for the guns they were about to turn in to the city for food cards. As people rolled up, we approached them with our offers, and paid them hard cash after inspecting the guns to make sure they were operable. (the Police were unbelievably cooperative in the process)

The weapons will go to those who otherwise cannot affort [sic] a firearm, and they will pledge to do some service for the community, and freedom.

Thanks to Texans for Accountable Government for organizing the event, and to all who stood in the rain holding signs, and offering an alternaive [sic] to the city buy back program.

Private citizens spending their own money rather than the gov’t spending the taxpayers? I’m all for that. And for the great point that they will provide guns to those who cannot afford them.

I’ve thought about this before. Wouldn’t mind doing it here, however I a) don’t have a lot of cash and b) have a feeling this group was lucky that the cops went along with them.

I did find this line poignant

Its not so funny that starving people turn in their guns, not criminals. Pop tarts do not protect Life Liberty and Property

Hat tip Richard Johnson

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