A regret I will live with for the rest of my life (Updated)

[see update]

I moved down here to the Sunshine state back in 1994. Living in the Tampa area, I’m not very far from where they launch the shuttles so I always figured I’d get to see one at some point. Now, I’ve seen plenty of them from a distance, but never made it there. It was always “I can’t take a day off” or “Oh, I didn’t know a shuttle was launching” or any myriad of excuses.

Today marks the last shuttle launch and even though I knew about it in advance, I actually could not make it for legitimate reasons.

I will have never seen a shuttle launch. And for that, I am sad.

Kids, take some advice from an old, bitter man – Take those opportunities. Don’t think “Oh, there will be a next time” because eventually, there isn’t a next time.

Updated – There is a next time. This is the last launch of this shuttle. Still two more to go. I will make one of them, if not both. Sometimes opportunity bothers to knock again.

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