When guns are outlawed

Only outlaws will have weapons made out of office supplies

Now, I hear what some of you are thinking right now. And you should be ashamed of yourself. But others might be thinking “Robb, none of these are weapons capable of causing deaths measured by stadium seating capacities”. True, but just think about it for a moment. This kid, using school and laundry supplies, has made some basic weaponry that could cause injuries.

He’s a kid.

Now, extrapolate the child into an adult with some basic metal working experience. Increase the pressures / resistance / durability of these basic designs and you’re now walking into ‘lethal’ territory.

“But, they’re not semi automatics!!” you might say (if you were a pants shitting anti). Should I remind you what you can do with Legos? Do you think that people are smart enough to make semi-auto, auto, and bolt action Lego guns, but would be incapable of making real weapons that utilize the same principles?

This is why I laugh at ‘gun control’. It does nothing. It stops nothing. Crazy people who want to kill groups of people can do it with an infinite array of options. Criminals don’t care that they’re breaking the law and will obtain weaponry nonetheless. All gun control has EVER done is disarm the law abiding. Even if you could somehow make every firearm disappear this very instant there would, just as quickly, spring forth an underground market for making weapons. Criminals won’t be bothered with quality but will still have plenty of guns to keep you and I terrorized.

It must suck to be an anti gunner and have your entire argument nullified by a kid with office supplies.

Hat tip to Say Uncle who I hear made a fully functioning Gatling Gun out of some chopsticks, dental floss, and a Golden Girls Season 1 DVD.

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