Dragon Leatherworks Talon review

Dragon Leatherworks Talon

This past week I received a beautiful Talon holster from Dennis at Dragon Leatherworks to review. It’s sad that here in Florida the best I can do with this is wear it around the house or wait for my monthly fishing event because OWB carry is amazingly comfortable and this was a really, really nice holster.

imageThe first thing I got when I opened the package was that wonderful smell of leather and dye. The holster is a beautiful black with a rough interior and smooth exterior. The holster was form fitted to a Colt M 1911 A1 5" semi-auto pistol, but grabbed on tightly to my Para LT Commander. Holding the holster upside down, it took quite a bit of jumping around to get it to dislodge. It was stiff enough to prevent a quick grab but not so tight where I couldn’t draw the pistol rapidly. I could loosen it up a bit with a steam bath and some more wear, but I like the grip of it as it is. The stitching was tight with no strands hanging out and the thick leather looked like it would stand up to some abuse.

This particular model had belt slots cut, but Dennis offers another model with a belt ‘tunnel’ as well for a flatter ride for an additional cost. My belt I normally wear isn’t as thick as it should be, and my buckle rode up a bit, but the comfort from having it outside my waistband was amazing. My only other OWB holsters are my SERPAs I use for competition, and they hold the pistol very far away from my body. The closeness of this holster made the carrying that much more comfortable as I didn’t find my arm rubbing against the razor blades rear sights.

Now, I’m thrilled to do this review because I really enjoy helping out a company that’s trying to break into the business. As such, Dragon Leatherworks is asking for opinions on price points. This model starts at $95 as shown with options for the belt tunnel and decorative overlays, and from what I can tell, it is a quality item that should last for years and years. Once Open Carry is legalized in Florida, I will be looking into a customized holster for my G20 as a celebration. Also, check out their other offerings as there are several other product lines for sale.

So, dear readers, what do you think about this holster? Does the price seem appropriate to you? Would you be interested in something similar? Do you have any experience with custom holster that you can compare this to? Any information you can provide helps Dragon Leatherworks and when you help companies that make the gear for our guns, you help the Second Amendment.

FCC Disclaimer – Because this holster I was provided fits so snugly & comfortably to my hip, it should not get in the way when the FCC smooches my pooper.

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