And the winner is

The Samsung Captivate.

I was waffling between the two (Captivate and iPhone 4). The Captivate was $50 cheaper, but I was thinking I could keep everything as it was with the iPhone. I was discussing my dilemma with the AT&T assistant, and he was saying if I could wait two months, there was a new Android that would have a million more features that I probably would never use. Alas, not being able to make calls now was an issue and I really was already tired of trying to decide what I wanted.

I picked up the iPhone. I figured $50 wasn’t enough of a reason to switch. When the clerk was putting it into the computer, he noticed there was an additional $50 off the Captivate. $100 was worth it.

So far, I like it. I’m missing something because I can’t get it to play nice with my wireless at home. It sees the router, picks up an IP, but can’t seem to connect to anything. I’ll work on that later.

The screen is very nice (I wasn’t as impressed with the Retina Display as I thought I would be as I could still see pixels), the phone is thin, and the overall responsiveness is a refreshing change from the sluggish feel of my old 3G. I haven’t even begun to look at all the apps that come with it, nor have I attempted to root it… yet.

Thanks for all your help. There was nothing wrong with the iPhone 4, but $100 was a big enough chunk of change to get me to try the Android.

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