Lesser of two evils

Well, my iPhone 3G has gone from ‘slow, and damn near useless’ to ‘completely $#^&ing useless’. The home button simply does not work and every time I upgrade the software, something else breaks. I didn’t find out until after I upgraded to iOS4 that you shouldn’t do that to a 3G, and there’s no real way to get it back without going all sorts of ape-shit with hacks.

So, I need to get a new phone being that if I need to make a phone call tout de suite, it’s quite possibly I’ll actually have to reset the phone first before I’m physically able to get to the call icon.

Now, being a Windows guy, I naturally wanted to look at some of the Win 7 phones. I hate to say it, but from what I hear, you’re locked into purchasing ringtones. If I can’t even modify my phone to make a ringtone that I like without having to pay for it, I cannot say I want to use it. And I don’t see too many jailbreak / root kits for Win7 Mobile that make me think I could turn the phone into what I want.

Second, I have no issues with AT&T. The coverage is perfectly fine for me, and I’ve not had to deal with customer service. All carriers suck at some point, but remaining with AT&T isn’t going to be any better or worse than switching carriers. So for now, I’m more than happy to continue my contract with them, especially considering I get grandfathered into the unlimited data plan.

The two options I’m looking at are upgrading to the iPhone 4 or switching to an Android phone, and that would be the Samsung Captivate. With the Captivate, I would root it immediately due to restrictions and bloat-ware AT&T puts on their phone.

Honestly, before the problems with iOS4 came up, I was happy with my iPhone. I’m not an Apple Fanboy and feel no emotional attachment to Steve Jobs or his company but the iPhone is at least a decent device. The Captivate repeatedly gets dinged for its GPS problems, but I consider that a feature, not a bug.

I admit a *bit* of geekiness  at the iPhone’s Retina-Display of 640x960 and the Captivate only having 480x800. I like crisp graphics and the iPhone is reportedly beyond the ability of your eye to discern, which is kind of neat.

So, what say ye, readers of this blog? Should I go with the iPhone and be forced to wear black turtlenecks and risk having to deal with people who refer to themselves as ‘Geniuses’ or take my chances with the Android and hope my ability to root the damned thing doesn’t brick it?

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