Airing it out

Unlike some organizations who attempt to airbrush any story that doesn’t benefit them, I prefer to remain intellectually consistent, even if autocorrect stepped in to tell me I misspelled intellectually.

In this case, Robert Levy, a key player in Heller has thrown us under the bus with this little bag of flaming poo

Robert A. Levy, who served as co-counsel in the landmark Supreme Court case that established a Second Amendment right to bear arms, said there was no reason the court's decision in that case should apply to the purchase of high-capacity gun magazines.

"I don't see any constitutional bar to regulating high-capacity magazines," Levy said in an interview with NBC. "Justice [Antonin] Scalia made it quite clear some regulations are permitted. The Second Amendment is not absolute."

Emphasis in original.

What bugs me the most is that he’s Libertarian. Would he be so sanguine about saying “We should legalize pot, but nobody needs a pack of rolling papers more than 10 sheets”?

There’s probably a technical correctness to what Mr. Levy says, but it’s a matter of “just because you can doesn’t mean you should”. And saying this sort of thing only fuels the anti-gun groups out there (the VPC latched onto it like a pit bull on a Snausage) because they look for tidbits like this.

Nothing is going to happen here. There is no political will nor any public support, even after such a tragedy as the one that just happened, to push any of these ridiculous gun restrictions beyond the headlines of some newspapers. But this kind of crap doesn’t help at all, especially coming from Cato who should know better.

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