Moving forward

Senate Bill 234 has been introduced

Firearms: Provides that a person in compliance with the terms of a concealed carry license may carry openly notwithstanding specified provisions. Allows the Division of Licensing of the Department of Agriculture and Consumer Services to take fingerprints from concealed carry license applicants. Limits a prohibition on carrying a concealed weapon or firearm into an elementary or secondary school facility, career center, or college or university facility to include only a public elementary or secondary school facility or administration building, etc.

I’ve started to get my feet wet in the behind the scenes portions of this stuff, and it clearly appears that we have a legislative body that is receptive to these kinds of bills. However, they won’t see the light of day until we contact our representatives and get their support.

If you’re in Florida, please locate your representatives and give them a call or a nice letter. Make sure you get your friends to do the same.

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