Shot Group Analyzer now in Beta

Thanks to all the input I’ve gotten, I’ve released Shot Group Analyzer into Beta


You can now set the 1” scale, print, and save your image. I also made it a bit prettier to look at.

Known bugs at this time are

  • Scaling widget can go outside of screen bounds, causing a bit of mischief (you may need to refresh the page if you go crazy with it)
  • Printing does not fill the page
  • Help is non-existent
  • Standard Deviation was removed due to complete lack of usefulness in the way I had implemented it.

I think this should stabilize rather quickly and then can go into full blow release mode. If you have any issues or see any bugs, please let me know.

Future plans

In version two, I have a few ideas

  • Allow saving of targets & groupings for statistical purposes
  • Distance-to-target for true MOA measurements
  • More detailed stats
  • Standard Deviation made somewhat useful
  • Data for firearm & cartridge used

This application is 100% free, but donations would be greatly appreciated and will help with further enhancements.

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