Target Grouping Application

As I’m always looking for ways to improve the gun community using my development skills (aka the Reloading Calculator), I came up with a fairly nifty little app to help determine shot groups a bit better.

Most people tend to use the extreme spread of their targets to determine the group size, but a much better method is the mean radius, a good explanation of which can be found here.

My Target App is VERY much in alpha right now and pretty much just a proof of concept as I hone down exactly what I need it to do. There is no pretty UI yet, and there isn’t a way to determine true scale so measurements aren’t accurate in that regard, but if you’d like to play around with this and give a little feedback, I’d appreciate it. The link is here and the application requires Silverlight (Microsoft haters gonna hate, I know)


Basically, you can either use the default target as is (the center ring is 1” across and for this image, is accurate), or import a JPG of a target you have scanned / photographed. You click for each shot and the orange circle will show you the mean radius of your group, the cyan dot will be the center of your group, and the silver, thin circle will show you the extreme spread of all the shots.

I’ll be updating the app as I make improvements to it and will announce when it’s ready for real use. Plans are to have printing capability, the ability to determine correct scale, and of course, a slicker looking UI. Any suggestions are appreciated, just keep in mind it’s alpha.

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