What does this recent election mean for gun rights?

Probably not much.

The Democrats were in too big a rush to ram through every piece of legislative crap they could to focus on banning guns. The Republicans will be too busy pushing legislation to make gays in the military illegal or banning nipple slips at halftime shows to fight to improve on our rights. With the house and senate at odds, I'm hoping more for gridlock than anything else.

I still think our rights will continue to move forward as more states start adopting loosened restrictions on licenses and ownership. I expect another state or two might flip to Constitutional Carry before long. Heck, if Rick Scott (who is ahead as of this writing) picks up the governorship, I expect a push for Open Carry to start here in the Gunshine State that might actually see the light of day.

My biggest fear is that people will now say ‘Good – Republicans made some serious gains therefore the march toward socialism has been halted’ and go back to their reality TV and Netflix accounts when this isn’t the case at all. The Republicans simply march at a slower pace. Our rights, all of them, are constantly in peril from the government until we can pare it down back to what the Constitution says it should be doing.

This is merely a win of a very small skirmish. We might have received a bit of breathing room, but the fight isn’t over.

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