Fine. Straight R’s it is

Can you honestly believe that the Democrats sent out an ad like this?

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Now, from my understanding, it’s a poly to get this guy a bit more exposure to try to siphon votes away from the Republican by confusing some people, but it’s galling that the Democrats actually believe the following phrases are bad

  • Supports deep, across-the-board spending cuts that will affect every government program
  • Believes the government’s powers are limited to those specifically mentioned in the Constitution

WTF??? Damn straight the government is limited to the rules set forth in the Constitution. It is because they’ve decided it’s no longer so that we’re in the position we are now. This happens from both sides, just generally a bit slower from the R’s.

This election cycle we need to remove the Democrats from power. The next cycle, we need to remove the Republicans who don’t get the message this time that people are fed up with the government constantly going well outside of its bounds set forth in that document the Democrats so blithely dismiss.

Like Bill Quick  says, we need to crush the Democrat party. Unfortunately, we can’t do that with a 3rd party right now. The only option is to unseat as many Dems as possible with Republicans to give a little breathing room, then do the same damned thing to the statists who call themselves Republicans.

I believe ads like this one were specifically set up to siphon off just enough votes to let the Democrat win over his Republican rival, which is why I’m planning on primarily voting Republican when I’d prefer to put some of the more Tea Party friendly independents in. Unfortunately, that’s not going to happen this time.

Politics suck, especially when we’ve lost sight of what it means to be American and now have politicians openly denying the Constitution to which they’ve pledged their oath.

Hat Tip Snowflakes in Hell

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