Even Microsoft Loves Firefox

Looks like Microsoft uses Firefox for screenshots now!

If you've not heard my rant before about Internet Explorer, here it is in a nutshell.

I am a Microsoft fanatic. This blog is written in .Net. I make my money writing software for the Microsoft platforms. I am also a regular member of the local Microsoft Architecht's Council. I think 2003 Server rocks. While I think Linux is nice, I still don't think it's ever going to wrestle the desktop away from MS.

So you know where I stand. That being said, run right now over here and download Firefox. Install it. Make it your default browser and never look back. I only use IE if it is embeded in some other program. Firefox kicks IE's ass. Even with all the security and firewalls that I run here at home, I still got viruses and spyware because of holes in Internet Explorer. Maybe if Microsoft rewrites IE and comes out with a new 7.0 that is better, I might switch back.

But until then, I'm taking back the web!

Get Firefox!

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