Vector Tactical Brass Catcher review

Shooting the 6.8 SPC is fun. Having your brass flung into another zip code and losing it is not. I had been wanting a brass catcher to alleviate this problem for a while, and I was bummed there didn't seem to be very many decent looking options.

There seem to be two types of catchers – those that sit on the ground or to the ejection side and capture the brass as it flies out, or the kind you strap to your rifle and catch it as it exits. A third option for a brass catcher is a child who has been given promises of ice cream, but said children tend to run into the field of fire if you're not careful.

I didn't want the static type as I didn't want to have to set up a catcher each and every time I went somewhere, so I looked at the kinds that strap onto the rifle itself. The nylon mesh one sold at Midway USA was barely a Hamilton, but I had heard stories that the mesh would melt under the hot brass and that it didn't allow the brass to come fully out and could cause jams. The harder plastic ones were much more expensive and were reportedly noisy, and once full you had to disassemble them to get the brass out.

Then I found Vector Tactical. I ordered mine a few weeks ago, and when it came, I couldn't help but be impressed by the quality. The fabric is thick, the metal parts are coated with rubber so as to not rub against the rifle, and the construction was solid.


The mouth of the catcher goes over the ejection port on the AR. A heavy Velcro strap goes around the handguard to snugly hold it in place. I admit it took a bit of practice to be able to get it on correctly as the Velcro strap was longer than I needed, but one I figured it out, it stayed put.


Once on, the mouth of the catcher extends outwards from the rifle, ensuring that the brass has room to eject before being captured as well as having the benefit of not interfering with your hand or the operation of the rifle in any way


The real test was at the range, and there it shined through. It did not interfere with shooting whatsoever. No brass jammed or got caught, and the thick fabric held up to the intense heat just fine. Simply opening the Velcro strap at the bottom dropped the brass directly on the table. 100% of my brass that day was recovered and in great shape (no rolling around in the dirt and grime)!

With its lifetime warranty and it's quality construction, I think this brass catcher is going to be awhile for a long, long time. I highly recommend it.

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