Such anger over a small chunk of metal

So, I saw this auction for a few Class III lowers. Most had only one bid at around $21.

As always, if it's too good to be true, it's too good to be true. Turns out, they're post '86, which means I am not allowed to own one.

Think about it. This is just the lower, serialized and stamped in a way that makes it a 'machine gun'. Doesn't matter if you put a bolt action 50 BMG upper on it, it's considered a machine gun. And because that particular piece of aluminum was put into the registry after May 18th, 1986, it is illegal for me or you to own.

You know and I know the Hughes amendment doesn't make a lick of difference to public safety. Things that are logical and provide for the safety of all Americans aren't done in the middle of the night on a voice vote that fails and still put into law

As debate for FOPA was in its final stages, Rep. William J. Hughes (D-N.J.) proposed an amendment (House Amendment 777 to H.R. 4332) to ban the civilian ownership or transfer of any fully-automatic weapon which was not registered by May 19, 1986. However, any such weapon manufactured and registered before the May 19 cutoff could still be legally owned and transferred by civilians.

Controversy exists regarding the validity of the amendment's inclusion into FOPA. The vote to include the amendment took place at night, when many of the lawmakers who would be opposed to its inclusion were not present. Despite an apparent defeat of the amendment by voice vote, Rep. Charles Rangel (D-N.Y.), at the time presiding over the proceedings, declared the amendment approved. Hughes and Rangel were longtime "gun control" supporters.[4]

Alas, machine guns are the red headed step child of most gun rights enthusiasts. Pragmatically, I understand why. The media and the leftist bed wetters (but I repeat myself) have done a good job at convincing John and Jane Q. Public that machine guns are menacing devices that, left to their own accord, will mow down entire playgrounds full of autistic orphans if given the chance.

So, there's nothing I can do except sit here and seethe.

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