Thanks to Alan at Snarky Bytes, I got to try some Miracle Fruit tablets tonight. Basically, the berry has a protein in it that shuts down the tongue's ability to taste the sour or bitter in foods. Instead, those flavors register as sweet. So, eating a lemon is like eating candy.

Here's what I tried

Lemon & Limes – Unbelievably sweet. The lime still had a sour kick to it, but it was balanced by the almost cloyingly sweet flavor. I could have eaten a bag full of lemons, they were that good. Especially afterwards, when you lick your lips. It tasted like there was a lemon flavored sugar all over 'em.

Cream Cheese – I could eat cream cheese straight as it is, this had a slightly sweetened flavor that was reminiscent of cheesecake.

Strawberries – I mentioned on #gunblogger_conspiracy that eating a strawberry was like what I'd imagine sex would taste like (if it grew on tiny bushes and was picked by Mexicans).

Pickle – Almost hurled. Still was pickly, but sweet, and I HATE sweet pickles. Had to spit it out.

Tabasco – Like lightly sugared water that sets your tongue on fire. Funny that it didn't taste like Tabasco, but it burned in that way that only Tabasco does.

Balsamic Vinegar – Probably the coolest thing I tried. While it still had a vinegary flavor (I wonder how much the smell helped that), it was DELICIOUS. I honestly could have consumed a glass of vinegar, it was that yummy. I stuck with just a sip though because I was already eating a lot of acidic foods and didn't want to upset my tummy.

Salt & Vinegar Chips – Tasted more like Salt & Lightly Sugared Chips. Delicious, and not overly sweet.

Over all, a really cool experience. I highly suggest you give it a try if you get the chance. They sell them online at Think Geek and probably other places.

Now if they could only find a berry that made everything taste like Bacon!

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