What online tool would you, as a gunnie, find useful?

The other day I ran across a website that would help you keep track of your range outings, such as shots fired, cartridges used, etc. For the life of me, I can't find the link, if I do I'll update this post.

It got me to thinking though about how could I use my programming skills to improve the gun owning community. One of my problems in life is that I have a distinct lack of ability to come up with marketable ideas. I can write the ever lovin' heck out of software, but coming up with ideas that would be a hit is a hit or miss thing for me. Basically, I do not have business acumen worth a shit.

So, I'm trying to think of something that would be very useful for the gun owning community that I could provide. I thought of writing a ballistics calculator app, but that's already widely available (See Joe Huffman's Modern Ballistics for a fine example). Also, there are so many things that simply do not lend themselves well to being web enabled. While you're physically at the range, how useful is a webpage?

I've thought about building some sort of searchable database insofar as being able to search for guns based on their features. Finish, barrel length, caliber, rifling, trigger type, years made, etc. This would be a MASSIVE undertaking, but I could see a commercial opportunity for gun stores to be able to use this remotely to be able to to give end users a much easier and much more comprehensive ability to search their wares.

Any ideas for software that would improve your life as a gunnie? Consider this a brainstorming session – no idea is stupid or too far out there. I just need to get ideas going. Doesn't have to be a money maker though.

Have at it!

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