Death by Instapundit

There's no doubt Glenn Reynolds can drive some major traffic to a web site. Not ever being the recipient of an Instalanche (ahem… LOOK! NANOBOTS!), I can't say exactly how much traffic it is, but from word of mouth it can be 10,000 hits in a day, which honestly, while impressive as far as eyeballs go, isn't really a lot of effort for even the most anemic of web servers.

Which puzzles me to why so many of the sites he links to seem to be dead.

My most famous post ever pulled in a few 10,000 hit days. My server is a dual core desktop running virtual servers. It's far from 'server class hardware' but it runs my email, web server (blog, wife's blog, & a few tiny websites), SQL Server, as well as DNS and those 10k days didn't even register on the CPU.

Granted, most blogs don't get the luxury of (for all intents and purposes) a dedicated server, but I still have a hard time comprehending why many of Glenn's victims… I mean links, just get so darn slow.

Just talking out loud.


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