DADT – Views from a socially conservative, politically liberal former Marine

This is always something that's hard for me to discuss in public because so many people are unable to segregate my personal feelings from my political views.

I'm not gay. Never have been, don't think I'll ever really develop a hankerin' for trouser sausage. Many years ago, I was fairly homophobic. Didn't want to be around gays, didn't want them sashaying their gayness all over the place, didn't want them serving along side me in the Marine Corps (dear President Obama. It's pronounced mah-REEN core, not corpse. Just a hint in case you ever need to speak about those icky military branches). I was quite happy with gays staying in the closet.

When I started working in Corporate America, I started working with many open homosexuals. Now this is anecdotal to be sure, but the vast majority of the gays I've personally known have been of the flaming, in your face, I'M QUEER AND I'M HERE GET USED TO IT BREEDER!!!, kind. Exactly the thing I was against all those years ago.

The problem was it wasn't all of them. In fact, I worked with many people who it took years to realize they were gay. Then it dawned on me that the loud ones probably weren't the vast majority, just the most prominent.

As I continued to mature, I began to realize that my own personal prejudices were just that – my own. And as I've become politically awake, I've realized it behooves me to not consider my own personal shortcomings as something to inflict on the rest of society.

In the Marine Corps, we knew there were gays with us. 99% of them were women and there was this one guy who everyone just assumed putted from the other side of the green. It creeped me out that he showered with us, but I got over that fast enough (I had a job to do and that was more important).

The people in the Corps today are generally not the same ones I served with. Today's Marine is more likely to not be as uptight about the gay cooties as I was. And as liberty minded as I am now, I see no reason to not allow gays to openly serve their country. Will it make some people uncomfortable? Sure. And my response is "Fuck 'em". I've learned that discomfort is not a valid reason to trample other people's rights.

I'm still not into the gay thing. It's not my particular bag of tea and I'm just as happy to not immerse myself in that culture. But I have no desire to eradicate that culture or to pass laws that makes people who are different than I am second class citizens. I won't join the Pink Pistols, but I'll be damned if I wouldn't stand side by side with a feather boa wearing drag queen to protect their rights.

It's time to repeal Don't Ask Don't Tell.

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