Poor kid. He's only 11 years old

And he's already compensating for something

She got up to check and she saw two Hispanic males men masks and armed with handguns walking towards her.

She quickly closed the bedroom door but one of the men tried to force it open.

The masked man kept telling her to open the door and she would not open the door.

The woman told deputies that the home invaders shot through the door and hit her son on the left hip area.

Her son had a 22 cal. Rifle and shot back at the alleged robbers.

Kid was hit and still managed to fire back. Yet there are those out there who condemn people for giving their kids firearms and who try to make it as hard as possible for families to defend themselves. They'd rather people like this kid and his mother just roll over and die than defend their very lives.

Well, I guess the kid didn't need a gun. He could probably have taken on two, full grown men with his bare hands or maybe with an improvised club.

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