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My home grown blogging platform, Ansible, has been churning along just fine. Now that I have a decent job where I'm coding a lot more, I've not really had the need to do extra curricular activities at home, and Ansible has take a bit of a back burner. Alas, there are still several things I really need to do.

First, I need to complete the transition to LINQ as well as using the Entity Framework. I'm partially there, but the code isn't in a decent state right now. When I switched servers, I once again forgot about setting up SVN so backing out to the last version ain't gonna happen. So, the code is in a state where I can't really make any more changes unless I fix the partially coded stuff I did.

I need better archives. Right now, you can only go back a year on the side bar. This is to conserve space since I've been doing this for over 5 years, and 60 links on the side pushes everything down.

Pingbacks, both sending and receiving, appear to have stopped working. Again, with the code in a non-working state, this isn't something I can troubleshoot easily. I also need to add the functionality to rerun pingbacks. Currently, pingbacks are only sent on new posts, not updates (you don't want to send multiples lest you get marked as a spammer). Sometimes, though, I need to do so and there's no mechanism available for me to do it.

Multi-comment submissions are a problem. Sometimes the Interweb Tubes get clogged and things work slow, so people repeatedly hit the "YES, I'D LIKE MY COMMENT TO APPEAR 30 TIMES" button. I need to make a stored procedure for submitting comments that won't accept the same one over and over. This of course is tied into getting LINQ to SQL all happy too.

I *so* need to build an installer so that anyone else can use it. Right now, setting it up is a completely manual, non-documented process. I'm not sure I could do it again without beating my head against the desk.

I also need to remove some of the legacy Subtext stuff. I only put it in there since I was was wanting to keep some of the links I had, but I think it's been long enough that I can drop that code. Granted, my wife's blog is still on Subtext, so I might need to keep that stuff in there.

Finally, I need better admin pages. Y'all can't see what I see, but my view of the blog is different. I can do most any function direction from the front page, and I like that feature. However, there are some things that simply cannot be done without tinkering with the database directly, and that ain't good design.

Just a few things I need to do. Thanks for listening.

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