So long and thanks for all the fish

Well folks, it’s time. The blog has languished for so long that it’s time to close up shop and call my blogging days over. It has been a fantastic run, and I miss the intense (and often humorous) conversations over the myriad of topics I’ve talked about through the years.

I’ve always run Sharp as a Marble from my home, rarely have I run ads and when I did, it generally was for products I personally was invested in. Otherwise, I’ve born all the costs myself, including having to pay for business level internet, servers, software, etc. I’m a computer programmer by trade and for the longest time, it helped me keep my skills sharp. Things have changed over the years and I prefer to spend time with my family rather than coding when I get home. Ansible has languished in ancient technologies and I never really had the desire to upgrade it to later tech like React or Angular for the front end & RavenDb for the back end. Heck, I’m not even using APIs for this thing.

I also never seem to find the time to do the research necessary to do good posts any more. Also, I’ve already had all the arguments and it only feels like I’m rehashing what I said a decade ago.

This will be my last post. The website will remain until I finally shut down all the services I am currently spending money on and then it will go dark. I’m not even interested in keeping a flattened, text only copy around as that costs money too.

Locally, I’ll have a copy so if you ever need a reference to an old post, please let me know. I’m on Twitter as ItsRobbAllen and you can find me easily on the bookface thing.

I’m thankful for all the readers I’ve had over the past thirteen years. While this has always been a vanity site, you guys & gals, even the ones I had disagreements with, made it worth the blood, sweat, tears, hemorrhoids , and heartburn.

Thank you all.


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